Coming from a large and health-conscious family that have all inspired me with their decisions to stay active and eat whole foods, I have grown to have a love for wellness. 

After being introduced to yoga by a best friend shortly after finishing college, the bendy bug hit hard and I haven’t stopped practicing since. As an avid runner, incorporating yoga into my exercise routine has helped tremendously with my flexibility and strength, and the emotional benefits were just an added bonus.

Between my natural inclination toward health and wellness coupled with my love for bright active wear and accessories, I set out to find a yoga towel to use during my high intensity yoga classes that packed a bright punch versus the typical variety of earthy tones.

Needless to say, this was the spark that brought YogaBrights to life in the beginning of 2015.

The Spirit of YogaBrights


I believe your fitness accessories are more than just a tool you use to help you achieve your goals, theyre a reflection and extension of your personality.

In the same way a swipe of your new lipstick or a new pair of pumps can give you a boost of confidence with your look, so can the addition of color to your yoga mat. Beyond their range of cheerful hues, YogaBrights towels also come with a dash of sparkle that truly let you shine during your practice.

But most importantly, our towels are lightweight, soft and made from high-quality materials to ensure your towel doesn’t budge as you work your way through a variety of postures, whether it be in power yoga or in a 105 degree Bikram class.

As YogaBrights expands to more towels, we hope to introduce more colors in addition to other accessories for bright-loving yogis such as yoga mats, headbands and water bottles.

In the meantime, we hope our vibrant-colored towels remind you to have confidence in your practice, and that your time on the mat is crucial to the self-care of your equally vibrant spirit.

May you be blessed with peace, love and light.


Your friend,

Linda Hamilton